Koru lounge

I’m in the koru lounge chilling and it is sooo cool. There are moving pictures near us and it is awesome!!! I saw a guy from seven sharp there!!! He wore a red hoodie. I hope you like my blog!


Nice hot chocolate

I am in the wellington air port still and I have went up to the koru lounge. The koru lounge in for gold +. I am gold.I got yummy hot chocolate and the man there gave me a bucket of lollies!!! He asked me what my favourite colour was and I said purple (no cyan lollies). He scooped some purple air plane lollies and added them. SO KIND!!!!!

Air New Zealand 

I am at the NZ airport. When I first walked in the sliding door I was greeted by a dragon. He was very cool his eyes open and close (blink). His name is Smaug the dragon. See for yourself. 

Smaug the Dragon:


The Amazing Maize Maze

Another thing that I did in Blenheim was a Maize (corn) Maze. It was Amaizing!

There were two mazes the first maze was called 50/50 and the second maze was called the circular maze.  In the 50/50 maze there were lots of questions about dinosaurs. For example there is one that is ‘Did Dinosaurs live at the South Pole?’ – you could either pick the path yes or the path no.  One of them would lead you to a dead end and one would not.  It is hard because when you get it right you go down it for a bit then there is a split off but no question then you have to choose which way and only one way is correct.

In the circular maze you had to collect four stickers – a green one, a gold one, a purple one and a blue one.  It was basically just a maze and the goals were to get to the sticker stations.  First we found green, then gold, then purple then blue. The purple one was on a little dirt mound where you could look over the Maize Maze.

At the end there was a long path and I ran all the way back. The lady checked my sheet and I got all the answers correct surprisingly – then I got a lollipop – it was yummy.

After a long time of being in the really fun Maize Maze we drove home in the car.

here are some pictures:

IMG_8927 IMG_8928 IMG_8929 IMG_8940


I have been making a lot of videos on youtube please check them out!

By the way they are all minecraft videos just go onto youtube and search for Katie Blackley.

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I am very excited because i have 22 subscribers! Also i am in a famous youtubers video. you might now them SkyDoesMinecraft.

here is the link to the video:

Minecraft Mini-Game : MARIO PARTY RAGE!!!!!

hope you are having a great day bye!!!


it’s me Katie again.

On holiday at blenheim me and anna went to our mum’s friend’s nail salon.i got mine with a stripy nail, some blue nails and a nail with silver sparkles. here is a picture:

IMG_8873 IMG_8878

The nail salon was called La Vosh. This was the first time i went there! the other time we got our nails done was at her house there is a post about last time somewhere below. check out there page about there nail salon:



My new page

I have made a new page in the three lines button . It is called tips all about minecraft please check it out it has 2 tips. But when you check it out it might have more.

I hope you are having a great day


My volcano

Katie here I just made a volcano and it was made with the kinectable sand I got for Christmas.

It was made around a tube of glowsticks (there were no glowsticks in it. I used some playdo tools to help make the shape. Like I used a scraper tool, a paintbrush (not a playdo tool), a purple cutter,two coloured spoons and my hand (obviously). Here is some pictures:

image imageimage

Brianna and Caitie came

Today Brianna and Caitie came for there 1ST time at our house!

We dId lots. I even showed them this blog.  We played with kinectable sand that I got for Christmas.

i had a great time. We played some hide and seek as well. I also can’t forget about us doing minecraft because minecraft is my favorite game.

hope that so far you have had a good year.

from katie